Website Portal Development – What You Should Ask To Your Web Portal Designer?

Web portals have become an essential part of today’s businesses to reach customers, clients and business prospects. More ‘n’ more organizations are approaching web portal development companies in India to get their dream portal designed and developed successfully, but most of them fail to achieve desired results due to the poorly designed portal.

Many organizations often hire a professional portal designer for the same, but how they can choose the right one for their project? In this article, we’re going to discuss what kind of questions one should ask to a portal designer in order to find the right one for their portal development venture. Website portals serve a vital role in today’s fiercely competitive business environment. It brings a whole host of benefits for the businesses, such as ease of search for visitors, augmented advertising income, analysis of performing and non-performing products and so on. When we talk about a successful website portal, designing is something that plays a key role in the success of any portal. The choice of a web portal designer is something that can make or break your portal.

Therefore, it is crucial to hire the right kind of talent or approach any professional website portal development company in India to ensure the success of your portal venture. It is not so difficult task to find the right kind of web portal designers, all you’ve to do is to post your requirements on any popular freelance site and you will receive tons of inquiries from the designers. However, choosing the right one among them is not as easy as you think.

So, how will you filter-out your top 5-6 designers? The first thing that you should consider is the experience of a portal designer as only a professional and experienced designer can take responsibility of your project. Creativity is another thing that you should look into the designer in order to get rid of boring and tasteless portal. This will help you filter-out the best and the rest ones for your project. Once you’re done with shortlisting, you need ask a few important questions in order to find out whether they’ve caliber to work on your project or not. Given below is the list of the questions you should ask to a web portal designer.

Q:1 “What about the client satisfaction you’ve worked with?”

Ask your friends or colleagues for the designer you’re planning to work with. If they praise a designer who have worked with them, you’ve found the right one. However, if you are unable to find the right talent, then you can ask designer for the references. Get in touch with the 2 or 3 companies or clients the designer has worked with, and ask about their satisfaction level. If majority of clients or companies give a positive review, then you’re on the right track!

Q:2 “Have you worked on similar projects earlier in the past or not?”

If you are planning to have a community portal, it is must you find someone who has already worked on such projects in the past. It will increase the chances for you to get highly effective and good portal that will do wonders for your business.

Q:3 “Have you ever tried using Flash and Java?”

Designers frequently use Flash and Java either as elements that makes it difficult for the reader to focus on a specific portion of your portal or use it as window dressing or use it in moderation. So, better you ask designer his ideas regarding the usage of Flash and Java.

Q:4 “How creative you are?”

If you are associated with selling of the products, it is must that a designer possesses enough creativity that can help you get creative and compelling design for your portal that will engage users on the go. You can get an idea about his or her creativity by seeing its past work.

Ensure you ask all these questions before hiring any web portal designer for your portal development venture. Do you know more things to ask to the designer? Share your views or questions in the comments…!

About Us: Jessica Alba is a coder and blogging expert from a professional Web Portal development company in India where he shares his knowledge and experience.She strives hard to help clients get customized and engaging web portal that helps them get more traffic to their website. When he is not in front of a computer, you may discover him blogging, researching about latest portal development trends and doing other creative activities.

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