Why HTML5 Is Best For Mobile Website Development?

Every individual today possess a smartphone or a tablet. The smartphone users are tremendously increasing at a whopping rate and the growth is estimated to increase by several folds in the coming years. In this smartphone or tablet driven digital environment, businesses are facing challenges of creating and offering their customers a unique mobile experience so as to gain maximum attention from the possible viewers. Now-a-days, smartphone users expect the same kind of website functionality on their mobile devices and HTML5 is the most suitable and robust language that allows businesses to create dynamic web content.

Using HTML5 for Mobile Website Development allows businesses to keep the web pages light and focus on other functionality that can be highly beneficial to the end user. In this blog post, let’s see the reasons as to why HTML5 is most suitable for mobile website development.

Creates rich user experience

HTML5 enables the developers to develop a complete app-like experience with inclusion of rich features and functionality that customers wish today. It’s multi-platform and allows you to reach a global audience with ease. Also, websites developed using HTLM5 allow saving of the data on the local server so that frequent interaction with the backend server is not required. This is why a mobile application development company preferes HTML5 over other languages.

Location based features

Another important feature of HTML5 is that it allows integration of location based features to the browser. Using this feature, it is easy for customers to locate any store near them by clicking on the option like “find near me” and get hold of any special deals and discounts that are available in the nearby stores close to them.

Shopping cart

HTML5 allows easy completion of the check-out process to the end user in just a single step from the page they are currently browsing. This makes the shopping cart functionality much easier and enables the user to checkout conveniently. The businesses should offer simple check-out process to their users as over 75% of all the online purchases never gets completed because of the complicated check-out process and customers thus abandoning their loaded shopping carts.

Enhanced visual and textual detail

HTML5 allows the mobile developers to create websites with high-resolution image galleries and textual detail. The customers can zoom the image and can view the product in more detail like never before. The ability to double tap the image and zoom it for more visual clarity is highly important to create a convenient smartphone experience.

To sum up, if you are a skilled and professional HTML5 development company, you can develop outstanding and out-of-the-box mobile websites that offers customers a great experience and makes their lives far easier. The companies need to focus on this wonderful tool as a part of their business and create mobile apps or websites that are highly beneficial to the user. Have more to share? Leave your views in the comment box below…!

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