Windows Bridge – A Gateway For Getting iOS Apps To Windows 10

The iOS apps have been in limelight for quite some time from now shadowing out the Windows applications. This is because of the increasing popularity and usage of the iOS devices in the recent times. However, this single step of Microsoft to build Windows Bridge has narrowed down the gap between the Windows and iOS platforms as now one can easily port their iOS apps to Windows 10 platform using this bridge. Now, the developers could easily develop Windows apps using their existing skills of iOS app development using Objective-C.

Windows Bridge – A Gateway for getting iOS Apps to Windows 10

How does this Windows Bridge fill out the gap between iOS and Windows?

Windows Bridge is a smart technology developed by Microsoft to lessen the burden from the shoulders of the developers. A developer or an app owner having an iOS app on Apple Store can easily transfer his/her app to Windows Phone Store using this bridge without requiring to change the code. Apps from iOS platform can now be migrated to Windows 10 platform and hence, will be compatible with almost any Windows 10 device – either mobile phone, tablet, Apple watch or desktop.

Windows Bridge enables developing iOS apps with codes in .NET, Java, C++ and Objective-C. Hence, whatever be the coding language (from the ones mentioned above) used to develop an app, one would be able to easily launch them for Windows Phone Store without making any kind of changes to their code.

Hence, Windows Bridge motivates developers to get their apps to Windows as well along with their native platforms on which they are developing. The tool was developed by Microsoft with a motive to encourage developers to spend time in developing Windows apps thus boosting up the numbers of available apps in the Windows app store.

One of the biggest advantages of this tool is for the developers who can use their existing knowledge and skills to develop apps for completely different platform than in which they hold their expertise.

So, what does this Windows Bridge encapsulate?

Windows Bridge encapsulates four components useful for iOS developers – Objective-C compiler, Objective-C runtime, iOS API headers/libs and Visual Studio IDE program.

Objective-C Compiler and runtime:

Compiler, as always is backbone of the entire system. It takes the apps made in Objective-C and compiles them for Windows. On the other hand, the runtime provides automatic reference counting, delegation and message dispatch facility for the apps.

iOS API headers/libs:

Windows provides easy compatibility with iOS API headers(however, there can be some issues) for ease of migrating the iOS apps to Windows 10 platform.

Visual Studio IDE is an integrated development platform that facilitates external Xcode projects to be imported and tied with Windows development tool.

Hence, Windows Bridge is an awesome gateway for the iOS apps to make an entrance into Windows Phone Store. If you are looking to develop iOS apps for your business needs or want to migrate your iOS apps to Windows, just approach us.

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