5 Best Social Networking Toolbars For Firefox In 2013

With all the fuss around the Firefox, it has managed to hold its position as one of the most popular web browsers even after the evolution many new browsers like Chrome, IE 10 and so on. Of course, Firefox brings amazing user experience for the internet users, and Firefox toolbar development is something that has made it popular among the developers as well as non-technical internet users across the world.

Are you a social media freak? Do you wish to get all your favorite social media platforms at your fingertips within your Firefox browser itself? If yes, this article brings a bunch of the popular social media extensions or toolbars that will make your life easier and more socially productive. These social networking toolbars or plug-ins would boost up your interaction with the leading social networks on the go.

Here’re the top social networking Firefox toolbars you should look for in the year 2013:

• Facebook Toolbar – The world’s most popular and extensively used social network Facebook would be incomplete without a direct access toolbar. The Facebook toolbar for Firefox would help you leverage from a wide range of features like search bar, a quick links menu, a link to Facebook’s home page, a Share button and a photo-upload button. The toolbar also helps you get notifications when you receive messages, friend requests, wall posts and pokes from the friends.

• Kaboodle – Do you like to share things? If yes, then no need to look further. Kaboodle Firefox toolbar will allow you to share almost anything you find over the web with your other friends or Kaboodle contacts on the go. It is also useful as it tries its best to dynamically take the thing you want to share and add with appropriate descriptions, title, image and anything else in order to help you save time doing all the things manually on your own.

• LinkedIn Companion – It is an amazing and a dedicated LinkedIn toolbar that can be quite useful if you’re either looking for a job or seeking employers to hire you. The LinkedIn Companion Firefox plug-in is nothing but a simple toolbar to your browser with a few buttons like Share on LinkedIn and a regular LinkedIn button.

• LiveJournal – Are you a LiveJournal user? If the answer is yes, the LiveJournal Firefox toolbar development venture is all what you want. It will give you a quick access to the important information regarding your LiveJournal account, such as tracking friends, birthday reminders, comments, messages and a lot more from your Firefox browser itself.

• Twitter Search – Many times you just want to know what’s going on with a specific person or a specific hashtag on twitter. If you’re also one of those people willing to know such things, then Twitter search extension or toolbar for Firefox would be a useful companion for you. It will let you easily look up Twitter users and hashtags. These are the top 5 Firefox social media toolbars you can leverage from in the year 2013. Have you tried any of these? Share your experiences in the comments..!

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