FireFox Add-ons You Can Leverage For Web Searchs

Are you looking for the alternate ways or web search tools to simplify your browsing experience? Firefox brings a whole host of web search tools that are often underrated due to low popularity. Such web search tools are a great example of custom Firefox toolbar development. Such small tools help you add functionality of some type to your Firefox browser, making it more user-friendly.

Firefox add-ons let the users customize them as per their needs and deeds if they require any additional features apart from which offered by the add-ons. Many businesses or individuals often prefer to go for custom Firefox toolbar development to get their own personalized toolbar that can help them market and promote their business to the broader audience on the go.

If you’re using Firefox browser and wish to leverage from the amazing web search tools, have a look at a few of the most useful Firefox extensions or toolbars you can use for the same.

Web Search Add-ons

  • SmartSearch: It is nothing but an add-on for your Firefox browser that let you search for the selected text using your context menu, through any of your bookmark keyword on the go.
  • Yahoo Toolbar: Now using Yahoo! and the web becomes faster, safer and easier for the Firefox users through new mail notification, search suggestions, online bookmarks, free spyware scanning and so on.
  • SnapLinks: This amazing toolbar allows the users to easily open more than one link within the new tabs by simply drawing a box around them. You can also open links in new windows, new tabs on a new window, copy links to the clipboard, bookmarked or even downloaded links.
  • Translator: Allows to choose if you want to translate any web page you are viewing into the language you want at a click of a button.
  • ConQuery: Context searching for everyone and URL manipulation tool for advanced users.
  • BetterSearch: It is an amazing extension for Firefox that will help you improve Google, MSN search, Yahoo search, A9,, AllTheWeb,, and bookmarks by adding previews and Amazon product images with information about it on the go.

Apart from all these, you can also leverage from a wide range of personalization toolbars that would help you save money on custom Firefox toolbar development. Here’re a few of them:

  • Answers: It is an amazing tool, all you have to do is to Just point at any word, hold the Alt key (Ctrl in Linux) and click. Once you letting go, an AnswerTip in the form of a pop-up “information bubble” will come over the screen to the appropriate explanation of a specific term.
  • ColorfulTabs: With this toolbar, you can easily color every tab with different colors and make them easy to distinguish while enhancing the overall appearance of the interface.
  • Tab Effect: Add effects when current tab is changed.
  • All in One: It will help you speedily switch between sidebar panels, view dialog windows like downloads, extensions and so on in the sidebar or view source or websites within the sidebar itself.
  • Speed Dial: Direct access to your most visited websites

Have you ever tried custom Firefox toolbar development or any of the extensions or add-ons discussed in this article? Share your experience in the comments…!

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