Android Tablet Application Testing

Android application development is the most luring field. Looking at its growth and popularity, many app developers have initiated app development for Android. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that each new app and each new app version functions as expected on multiple device models from various manufacturers.

It is crucial to build engaging apps; however, it is more important to make sure that the app runs well on multiple devices based on Android operating system. Various challenges exist while developing Android applications such as its functionality on mobile devices with touch-screens vs. physical keyboards, UI rendering on tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy and Acer Iconia, performance on various carriers and compatibility with the multiple Android OS versions. Due to each such challenge, it is necessary to involve in meticulous Android tablet application testing.

Professional Android tablet app testing

To meet all the challenges, GMI renders professional services in Android tablet application testing. We own a proficient tablet application QA team that engages in rigorous Android testing to offer you a flawless deployment. With GMI, testing tablet applications take place on real devices in the hands of professional testers, which highlights issues that simulators and emulators miss.

GMI’s Android testing team indulges in deep analysis of the application and creates a comprehensive test case by taking tremendous amount of technical details into an account. We also draw manual test cases for complex projects. We believe in creating test cases effective and powerful enough that it should be able to perform what real users do.

We follow mobile application testing using the following scenario:

  • Adding the test case class file
  • Adding the test case constructor
  • Involving latest set-up method
  • Initial condition test: Tests that the application under test initializes correctly
  • Rigorous UI test: Tests that the main UI operation works correctly
  • State management tests: Tests the application’s code for saving state. This test demonstrates the instrumentation features of the test runner, which are available for testing any component
  • Testing on real-time instruments, and more
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