Blackberry Application Development Company: Why Is Blackberry 10 So Special?

A platform that long lost its top position in the market is struggling hard for its survival. Apple’s iPhone gave a tough competition to Blackberry a few years ago. However, the launch of Android platform had a severe impact on RIM’s sales. In fact, RIM had to decrease its device’s price, reducing its profit margin to cope up with sales. Its latest Blackberry 7 platform gave it some leverage in Asian countries; however, it could not regain its position in the global market.

Blackberry 10 is yet another effort from RIM.  If Rumors are to be believed, we are to see a new Blackberry 10 phone in the first quarter 2013, but according to Andrew MacLeod, managing Director for RIM Canada, the platform will not be out till it is fully ready to secure at least next 10 years of RIM’s growth. Before we proceed, there is one thing that users should be careful about: there is a difference between Blackberry 10 platform and phone. Users often mistake Blackberry 10 platform as a smart phone. There is no news on when RIM will release its first Blackberry 10 running device.

Much like the Android and iOS platforms, Blackberry 10 platform has been built to run on both smart phones and tablet devices, and will be a key in deciding the company’s future.

Blackberry User Interface

RIM has decided to do away with the already familiar User Interface, and has planned to launch something that has goodness of both Android and iOS. No, it is not just an aggregated version as the new platform will also exhibit its unique features. Offering an easy to navigate interface, BB 10 has merged the home screens, widgets, app lists and a unified inbox into a slick interface. Although the operating system is still in its early development phase, Rim has assured the best user experience due to the clever integration of HTML 5.


Blackberry is well known for its easy to type Qwerty keypad. RIM has decided to offer a similar user experience by designing just the right keypad so that its users do not have to compromise even on the touch screen phones.


Offering advanced Camera features, those competent with Android and iOS, a Blackberry application development company has built a Camera application for RIM that allows you to rewind the photo till you find a perfect shot.

For example, if your friend is blinking in a shot, you can rewind the image till she wasn’t and save it. This indicates of more Blackberry camera in the pipeline.

Apps form the main ingredient of any smart phone. In the past few years we have seen how Apple and Android app store had dwarfed the RIM’s offerings. RIM need to carefully build the app strategy while choosing the right Blackberry application development company for its bright future.

Blackberry 10 will be sported in other forms as well. Firstly, as confirmed earlier Blackberry 10 will be seen on Tablets, which clearly means the Playbook users are soon to receive Blackberry 10 updates. Secondly, the next generation QNX for cars is going to be built using BB 10. Enjoy BB 10 in cars for information and entertainment.

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