How to Enhance App Security While Availing Custom Software Development Service

Web application development is a common trend today. In fact, it is a necessity for business growth. With its proliferating image, many companies have sprouted that engage in custom software development service.  You may also get a custom web application developed for you. You application may be interactive, offers the best look and feel and offers the best user experience of all. However, today it is more significant to check how secure it is.

Imperva, the pioneer and leader of the modern day security solutions for high-value business data, has recently conducted a research that revealed that on an average one target (web application) experiences 2700 attacks incidents per year. Web applications are on the hit list of attackers; and the use of SQL injection is the common attack practice. It also revealed that the longest attack incident lasted for one hour and 19 minutes, which could lead to a huge amount of important data loss. The security attacks occurred even within the largely secured environments—high-end enterprises and government web applications. To which, Imperva CTO has said that the organization prepared with only average attack incident may be highly vulnerable to more bombastic attack practices, indicating that there is no way out except being prepared for these bursts of activity during attack incidents.

Is your web application truly secure?

Looking at the statistics from Imperva, it is clear that most of the web applications are not secure. Often, custom software development service providers ensure SSL security. It is due to our lack of knowledge about SSL that we think that SSL is a kind of security mechanism that can save us from malicious attacks. SSL only encrypts the information sent to and from a website. It does not make the web secure. It has no ability to protect the private data stored on a website.

Another assumption that clients and custom software development service providers often make, is utilizing website vulnerability scanners for protection. In reality, these scanners protect you from the average level attacks. The scanners do not ensure total security. They do not identify flaws beyond its signature database.

Simple techniques to follow

Custom software development service providers can ensure security by carefully applying basic steps and researching advanced measures for combating novel attacks.

Access control

One of the common measures is controlling the application access. Giving the right access to right people plays a significant role; for example, receptionist should not have an access to patient’s laboratory test as their job is only to schedule patients according to doctor’s availability. A thorough check must be performed on checking the access provided to users on screens, forms and modules of the application.

Data protection

Confidential data must be carefully protected through passwords. It must always be encrypted. The database must be carefully tested to ensure that the business critical data is in proper encrypted format.

Safety against SQL injections

SQL injection is one of the common threats to every web application. Ongoing auditing and remediation of exploitable application vulnerabilities is the only approach that can safeguard the web application from SQL injections. Also, the firewall provides multiple layers of security, making it difficult to penetrate databases.

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