Microsoft Adds New Dimension to Custom Software Development Services

There has been a tremendous development in the mobile industry. With apps for streamlining business, boosting battery power, improving graphics, setting reminders, chatting with friends, connecting to social network, reporting and more, market exhibits innumerable concepts for app development. These concepts are certain to drive the app development industry. With the quest to automate almost everything, users’ need more and more applications that would optimize their performance, bringing unique concepts to life. Keeping the uniqueness in mind, the latest reports indicate that the custom software development services will soar by the coming year.

For businesses or enterprises that do not have a mobile app presently, there is an excellent possibility that reality will change by the following year. According to the reports from Information Week, out of 350 business technology professionals 75 percent said that they already have or will build custom mobile apps for their organizations, which clearly shows that the custom app development scope will never die.

Custom software development services took flight when packaged solutions could not satisfy user requirements. Also, the ones that could be ordered from the online app catalogs often lacked technical and customer support. Off the shelf products did not fully meet customer requirements, leaving customers with no choice other than getting the app tweaked. This helped realize that every business has a unique way of working. There are unique dependent and independent processes for each business that when tweaked through application can yield effective and efficient results.Custom software development service providers then switched to creating tailored apps for enterprises or individual customers for streamlining their businesses with thorough understanding of the way they work. This widened the scope for apps and custom apps gained limelight.

Today, almost every platform promotes custom software development service. From iOS to Android, RIM and Windows have embraced the innovative user concepts. Any developer can create the app and submit it to the platforms’ market place (It will be approved only if it meets the required standards of that platform) and earn money.  Many IT groups render excellent custom software development service across the world.

Microsoft contributes its bit

Pushing the trend further, Microsoft has officially announced a new cloud application model for the third-party software developers. This model will enable the developers to create scalable applications for Office 365 and SharePoint platforms. It allows developers to create an application using the widely-accepted standards like HTML 5 and JavaScript so that they can be applied to other devices as well and be integrated with other web solutions and data. Further, Microsoft eases developers’ job by allowing them to make use of their native tools and code.

Adopting the latest app store practice, Microsoft has opened doors to the all the new Web-based Office store that will allow sale of custom developed Office apps.

Just like every mobile app store, Microsoft’s Office store will also feature a number of free applications for individuals and enterprises. Enterprises and can mix and mingle among the freebies and software officially sanctioned for use.

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