Implementing SEO-based Image Optimization

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a wide concept that envelops quite a few aspects which when implemented in the proper form can yield fruitful results in the form of increased website traffic and more business opportunities. Image optimization is one such aspect that involves scaling down images that are integrated into a website to enable faster loading speeds and an overall fulfilling experience for the users. An important consideration while doing this is the maintaining of a balance between reduction in size and acceptable image quality. The fine equilibrium that should prevail between visual aesthetics and efficient loading is the real challenge that faces image optimization.

A major factor influencing the popularity and fame f a website is the page load time and it plays a major role in SEO – Search Engine Optimization too. Image files, from the size point of view, are one of the largest data entities on a webpage. An image optimized webpage will therefore attract more visitors owing to faster website loading time. The world has advanced where a major proportion of users access net via high speed connection but there is still a segment of users who access the net via dial up connections. Image optimization allows web-pages to load at fast speeds even on dial up connections. Thus it helps in retaining user traffic irrespective of their net connection types. High-resolution images are the order of the day and it is justified that people want them to adorn their websites. But most pictures taken from digital cameras are not web ready as their high resolution also accounts for a high file size rendering them unsuitable for the webpage from the image optimization aspect of SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Using programs such as Photoshop can be helpful here as they provide direct inbuilt functionalities that enable the conversion of images to web ready format. Cropping and resizing of images is also available. The “DPI” measure of a web ready image should not exceed 72 DPI. Also image optimized pictures for a webpage should have file sizes of the order of 30 kbs to be of any assistance to SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

About Grey Matter India Technologies

Grey Matter India (GMI) Technologies India Pvt Ltd is an offshore software development company in India that pioneers solutions in the SEO – Search Engine Optimization and SEM – Search Engine Marketing arenas while providing state-of-the-art and cost effective SEO services and SEM services.

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