Implementing SEO Through PDF Optimization

The growing affinity towards the web as the choicest tool to garner information of every form has lead to the conversion of all sorts of data into web-compatible formats. PDFs are the current rage and can take the form of ebooks, technical documents, brochures or a multitude of other readable formats. From the SEO – Search Engine Optimization point of view, search engines of the present day have the ability to read the content of and index the PDF files. Thus this would play a very important role in deciding the rank of file on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and from the SEO – Search Engine Optimization outlook would also attract vital traffic to the website.Some of the optimization tips for PDFs are mentioned herein. Using a text based PDF creator is a vital path to adopt as an image based PDF creator would not allow search engines to crawl the created PDF. Programs like Adobe Acrobat are ideal as text based PDF creators as they allow search engines to index them similar to any other web page. Keeping the document title keyword rich would also go a long way in deciding the result pages content as Google uses the text in the title field as the link in the results pages. Document properties like keywords, description, author info, copyright info etc… should be filled in and the keywords field should not be unnecessarily stuffed with keywords. Although there’s no credible evidence that today’s search engines consider this as a factor within SEO – Search Engine Optimization, the fact that in future if they do then the PDF files who have adopted this route would be benefited. Leading the search bots to the PDF files is of paramount importance when ranking is of prime value and hence the PDF file should be linked to the home page or any other page that is regularly crawled. Content optimization within the PDF files is also important as is the case with website content from the SEO – Search Engine Optimization view of things. He subject matter should be in sync with the content and care should be taken to highlight the keywords by using font variations. Also keywords should always be place in the first few lines of the content. TO reduce the efforts of the visitors reading the PDF file a link must always be present that navigates the user back to the home page of the website. This can also act as a backlink for the search engines. The optimization of a PDF file and a web page should be carried out on similar lines keeping in mind the SEO – Search Engine Optimization criterion.

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