Strategically Selling Mobile Application Development Services by and in India

Much is being spoken and written about mobile application development services and its usage. With over 330 million mobile subscribers, diverse culture and an urge to mark presence on the social networking platforms, Indian market is lucrative to invest as it offers both skilled developers and app buyers.

The spurt of demand for feature-laden smart phones in India is a boon for developers and advertisers. With millions of applications downloaded each year, a decent credit goes to Indian market. Apparently, India ranked in the top two fastest growing social networking application markets. No matter why app developers are so excited.

Mobile application developers, in every way, endeavor to take a full advantage of the mobile spurt by continuously offering something new and engaging to its users, but this has also led to a problem called low app sustainability. That is not the aim of this article though. The purpose of this article is to see opportunities that have goaded in Indian market due to mobile application development services.

If we take a close look, the ultimate beneficiaries are the advertisement companies. Smart Phones with GPS connectivity have fulfilled a quondam desire of advertisers—delivering targeted advertisements. They track user locations through GPS and show advertisements by tracking users’ browsing history for knowing his likes/ dislikes. Over years, advertisers have dodged money through random advertisements. However, location-specific or targeted advertisements are capable of saving tremendous bucks on wrong advertisement.

Mobile is not just limited to smart phones. Tablet market also has a major contribution to booming Indian economy. Looking at the benefits of tablets in education, business and other fields, many Indian production houses have come up with their local tablets at much cheaper prices than an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy tab. There are companies that sell a slightly low configuration tablet device at a price as cheap as seven grands.

Indeed Indian market is favorable for apps and smart phone devices. However, as per the analysts’ observation, Indians are not “Do it yourself” type. They are “Do it for me” type, which is the reason business critical applications do not sell well in India. And in high-context societies such as India, mobile apps sell more by recommendation than the try out feeling. This means that unless there is a good strategy and service delivery, mobile app consumption in falling in categories other than social networking and gaming will remain low.  One good strategy would be to add a human element of app discovery. You have one sales person to pursue a potential target client to try out an app. Once a client has got a hang of it, he may come on his next visit, and this time with a friend.

Indian market is half won, thereby contributing to the major mobile application development services and sales across the world.

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