Top 3 Android Camera Apps by Expert Mobile Phone Application Development Companies

With many feature phones sporting a good camera, Photography is a common hobby. The newest Android phones feature the camera of minimum 5MP to 8 MP with some advanced settings that allows you to click some really cool snaps. Unlike Apple, Android phones allow you to tweak some basic camera settings including white balance and exposure value.

Android is full of fun.  It has some great apps in its store developed under the scrutiny of expert mobile phone application development companies. After testing some of the best apps, we bring you a plethora of options to choose from.

Lightbox photos: This app is a direct answer to the most famous Instagram app for Apple. Lightbox involves a few simple registration steps. Once registered with your Lightbox account, you can get started. Click amazing pictures, which are automatically uploaded to your Lightbox account. It enables you to access the snaps from multiple devices as it sync with other devices; for example, you tablet or PC. Internet connectivity is not mandatory while clicking the pictures. You can keep taking as many snaps as you want, they will be added to the account once it finds connectivity. It has powerful social network connection. It allows you share pictures on Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter with just a tap. For photobloggers, this application allows direct upload to Tumblr.

Camera 360: Often called as Art in your hand, Camera 360 is a popular camera app developed for your phone. The famous PC world and expert mobile phone application development companies have listed this app as one of the Top 100 technology products. Camera 360 has everything good. Right from easy to use interface to amazing effects and a support from 20 million fans from everywhere in the world, this app is offers the best user experience in totality. The app has been lately upgraded and offers some great features. It supports both the front and rear camera, making it easier for self-portrait.

It has got various filters and manages photos by classifying them by date. The app is integrated with social platforms and can be operated with only a few easy steps.

BeFunky: BeFunky has been recently reviewed by one of the top mobile device makers, Sony. The app’s popularity encouraged mobile phone application development companies to get inspiration from the concept. Befunky provides a funky toolset to be added to your pocket. With this toolset, it is easy to edit and post photos quickly from whoever you are. Along with editing features, such as crop, set brightness and rotate to fix your photos, it also allows you to change its look through the hue, contrast and saturation setting.

As the name suggests, BeFunky allows you to get funky with its amazing filters.  You can choose from the range of filters for various occasions such as change the color tone, tilt shift, Orton effect and more. For added cool look, pick one of the frames from the app. It offers easy sharing with your social networking site—just click, edit and share!

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