Site Architecture Optimization for seo

With SEO – Search Engine Optimization assuming undeniable prominence in the e-business and e-marketing arenas, site architecture optimization is one sub-domain of SEO services that cannot be ignored or relegated to a lower priority. The way the site is held together through links, the navigation employed that facilitates easy access to resources and the structure of the site all play a vital role in attaining the SEO goals for a web entity.

A useful menu is of paramount importance as it is the major aspect of a website. Fancy menus with data or functionality that cannot be parsed by search engines will not play any part in the SEO Services. Avoiding a Flash based menu is also a wise choice as most search engines do not recognize Flash. HTML anchor tag should ideally include text instead of images as it would prove to be more effective when the search engines rank pages in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Another aspect is building of SEO friendly URLS that which are effective and are constructed while keeping in mind meaningful identifier and delimiter keywords. Also implementing a sitemap for websites that contain more than 20 pages is a great approach as it helps search engines to find and list all the pages in the site. The Page Rank algorithm forms the basis of all search engines ranking which is integral to SEO – Search Engine Optimization procedures. The weight that is associated with the home page is more often than not because of the content on pages that are linked to the home page and therefore having a well defined and clear internal link structure can work wonders at garnering a high page rank. Also the page ranking mechanism will be influenced by the amount of weight that needs to be associated with the home page or the inner pages. A linking structure based on this train of thought has more probability of yielding results. Cross-linking of two sites is critical especially when there’s the issue of maintaining the PR. Because the common result derived from cross linking is that the site with the higher PR has its rank lowered and the vice-versa for the other site. All these suggestion for site architecture optimization can work wonders if implemented in their proper form and can lead to achieving the desired results through SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

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