SmartPhone Application Development Companies Awaiting BB 10: Will BB Make it?

A few years back smartphone application development companies were founded due to the Blackberry revolution. Once popular as a business phone, Blackberry is now struggling for survival in the mobile market place. Android and iOS platforms have been dominating the market over several years now, and as time passes Blackberry’s technology is becoming obsolete. Its latest Blackberry OS version 7 also did not help. Is it that Blackberry underestimated the potential of the latest platforms or is it that RIM became overconfident? Or is it that the smartphone application development companies overlooked Blackberry for other emerging and revenue generating platforms? In any case, RIM’s survival is difficult, unless it finds a magic wand. Well, is the Magic wand Blackberry 10 OS?

Statistics show 80 percent decline in RIM’s market share since the beginning of 2011, when Apple and other smart phone makers widened their market. Analysts believe the new-comer— Blackberry 10—will surely be accepted by users enabling the company to pull up its shares.

Yes, if we believe the speculations, RIM 10 would be the last chance for Blackberry’s survival. Blackberry 10’s release has seen many delays; however, RIM believes that they would launch the platform when it is perfectly ready and ensures RIM’s success for the next 10 years. Apparently, RIM is confident about the success of its platform. We have reviewed the new OS and it looks really challenging. With amazing features and the best looking interface, BB has a high chance of winning the race even after being the last ranking horse in the last lapse. However, being a journalist, my job is to be speculating. Having said that, let’s take a contradictory view: what if RIM cannot make it?

Rumors that were fuelled early this year—in January—are taking rounds once again. This morning, we again came across several rumormongers who claimed that Samsung would possibly acquire RIM. The Korean phone maker is planning to license Blackberry 10 or buying RIM outright. Will this prove beneficial? Analysts believe that RIM needs a strong partner to keep its nits alive, and Samsung is famous for launching varied devices supporting varied platforms: Android, Windows and its own Bada platform. Further, Samsung being a market leader, its acquisition may help.

IBM’s plan to acquire RIM’s enterprise section

According to the latest Bloomberg report, IBM has considered buying RIM’s enterprise division. Another set of Rumors say that IBM informally approached the enterprise business that operates the servers for BB’s email and messaging system, nothing is on record though.

RIM has considered all measures and is spending hefty amount to get its reputation back. In fact, RIM also offered better development tools to smart phone application development companies and lenient app submission process. It has also hired a set of intelligent bankers, under the leadership of Thorsten Heins, for the company’s strategic review that could help leverage the potential sale and partnerships for its technology. Will RIM make it? It is an unanswered question till the release of Rim’s most awaited platform—Blackberry 10.

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