CakePHP Application Development – Use These Plug-Ins to Enhance Your Web Application

Based on the MVC paradigm, CakePHP is a popular web development platform used by the professionals for rapid and easy development of web applications and websites. The CakePHP application development is quite popular these days and the reason for this is the number of benefits the framework offers for the developers like easy coding with reusability factor, cost efficiency, minimum time required, flexible ACL, flexible caching and custom templates. Features like CRUD scaffolding, ACL functionality and security, built-in validation, AJAX support, easy extension with plug-ins and components and object relational mapping make CakePHP undoubtedly the best PHP framework in the market for web application development.

CakePHP Application Development

The framework supports variety of plug-ins capable enough to enhance the web applications with better features. With user friendly plug-ins, you can improve the popularity and usability of your web application as well. Following are some of the best plug-ins that are used by the developers in CakePHP application development.

Important Plug-ins for CakePHP Web Applications

The Search Plug-in
Search is one of the most desired features in a web application. It enables quicker and easier process to locate any thing within the application. Search plug-in enables search option in a web application. With this plug-in, one can include paginable search in a controller in CakePHP. With this plug-in enabled in a web application, one can easily search within models using simple methods and comparisons. Any complex search can be done with the search option enabled in the web application through this plug-in.

The Comments Plug-in
Comments can be allowed on any kind of information and its best way to learn about what the users or viewers think about the specific thing. The comments plug-in can be attached with minimal possible code to a controller. With this plug-in, one can create any kind of commentable data without any efforts.

The Facebook Plug-in for CakePHP
Integrating Facebook into CakePHP applications has become very easy with the Facebook CakePHP plug-in. The plug-in is very easy to set up and provides excellent features as well as interface to the Facebook API. The plug-in has a specific full featured authentication process enabled via Facebook Connect. It enables to create dynamic and customizable Facebook content and share it among the users.

Spark Plug-in for CakePHP
The spark plug-in is a useful feature for those who want to start a multi-user web application or site. It supports multi-user login and hence, enables the application to have multi-user access. The Spark plug-in practices a very simple access control routine and is very easy to install with simple coding. It uses the component called Authsome and requires support of PHP 5.2, MySQL and CakePHP 1.3 for its functioning.

CakePHP Plug-in for Tags
The tags are a type of comments which you can associate with almost anything. Similar is the thing with the tags CakePHP plug-in. This plug-in for CakePHP specifies the taggable behavior with which it is possible to tag everything or almost anything. All the tags specified are stored will be saved in a specific table. The plug-in can connect records to the tags through this table.

Hence, plug-ins will add easy functionalities to your web application thereby improving the customer experience. This will attract users to your web application and hence, enhance the popularity of it.

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