Chrome Toolbar Development – How To Manage Chrome Extensions?

All of you might be aware about the Google Chrome extensions. It lets the users to add some extra features or functionalities within their Chrome browser to simply their daily browsing activities. While Chrome toolbar development is gaining momentum with each passing day, it has become critical for the users as well as for the businesses to understand the importance of extensions or toolbars and how to manage them effectively.

Are you looking for Chrome toolbar development, but don’t know what it is and how to manage them? Do you wish to know what are the popular chrome toolbars or extensions that can help you customize your favorite browser on the go? If the answer is affirmative, this post is all what you need to go through.

Chrome extensions are nothing but a tiny piece of code or applications that can help you change the way you use chrome browser to find the information of your interest. They are typically written in a few of the most common web technologies like HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5 and so on. You can easily download the extensions of your choice from the official site or choose the one from a wide range categories available over the internet.

How to manage Chrome extensions?

Well, managing Chrome toolbars is quite easy and simple process. You can easily follow several ways to manage the chrome extensions installed on your browser, such as optimizing them within a browser toolbar, adjusting your extension options or disable extensions based on your browsing activity and requirements.

All you’ve to do is to open the extension page from Chrome by clicking the Chrome menu bar on the top right the browser toolbar, select tools and choose the extensions you wish to enable, disable or delete. Moreover, you can also sync your extensions across multiple computers or systems, but it will require you to log into your Google account.

So, which are the popular extensions you can leverage from to customize your Chrome browser?

Well, there are plenty of extensions or toolbars you can find over the internet. However, we’ve tried to cover the most effective and efficient toolbars that could help you customize your Chrome browser on the go.

  • Responsive Inspector will let you inspect any media queries that are included within the web page in the current browsing tab.
  • Web Developer adds a toolbar button and is the official Web Developer extension for Firefox. It will enable you to analyze the web pages, layouts, disable functions, change cookie settings, disable and modify CSS settings and more on the go.
  • PerfectPixel enables you to put a semi-transparent layered image overlays on the top of the developed HTML and perform per pixel comparison between the layers and the live web page. The sample screen capture below displays an image set as a layer and being dragged into place for a pixel comparison.
  • Adobe Edge Inspect CC will allow you to view web pages from your desktop and share it while synced across multiple mobile devices. It is useful for testing web pages on different devices from one browser tab in Chrome.

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