Do’s and Don’ts for Efficient CakePHP Web Development

CakePHP is among the best frameworks for PHP web development that encapsulates a few good features of Ruby on Rails, the full stack web application framework designed for better coding and productivity. Being a rapid development PHP framework, CakePHP enables development of websites and web applications at a faster pace with lesser coding required to do for the purpose. What earlier required months or weeks to develop, can now be easily framed within few days. CakePHP web development is all about building innovative, highly secure and rich-featured web applications with a simple and clean coding approach in lesser time possible. For this reason, CakePHP remains the ultimate choice of developers for PHP web development. However, for efficient web development with this popular PHP framework, one should take care of the following do’s and don’ts so that mistakes can be avoided and much efficient development can be done.

CakePHP Application Development

Do’s for Efficient CakePHP Web Development

  • Follow The Essential Standards
    Always follow web standards during custom CakePHP application development because this will help you achieve better quality and efficient development process. When your web application follows the standards, there are chances to get future advantages when any updates arise, because a standard web application would be easier to update as per the new changes as compared to the one that is not.
  • Optimizing URLs
    Structured and simple URLs are essential in order to improve the design of your web application or website. Yes, simple, easy and apt URLs will not only improve the readability of your web entity but will also enables search engines to better understand and crawl your website or application for search engine ranking. So, optimizing URLs is a good practice.
  • Proper Content Organization
    Organized content with neat, simple and attractive titles can attract users to your web entity whether it is an application or a website. Proper alignment of content with sub titles, paragraphs, bulleted or ordered lists and apt images looks good and can improve readability for users thereby attracting better traffic flow.
  • Testing the Code
    Testing the code at the end is a good practice in order to avoid mistakes that may occur without knowledge.

Don’ts to Take Care during CakePHP Development

  • Never Neglect the Latest Updates in Technology
    Updates happen every now and then in a technology and similar is the case with CakePHP. One can find newer versions of the framework being released between some time gaps very often. Keeping up with knowledge of the latest is mandatory in order to get the best of web development practices concerned with the technology.
  • Say ‘NO’ to the Undesired Features
    There is no sense to implement the features which you do not want in your website or application because with unnecessary features inbuilt in your web entity, it will take more time to load thereby running the risks of lesser traffic flow to it.
  • Simplicity is The Best Policy for Website Design
    Keep your website design or application as simple as possible because complicated design or structure will unable your users to find what they are looking for and thereby will give a bad user experience while increasing the bounce rate for your web entity.
  • Never Ignore SEO Strategy
    What is the use of a web entity that is not accessible to your users? Always focus on basic SEO strategies during development as this can help your entity to rank higher in search engine results thereby enabling users to easily locate it among hundreds of web searches.

So, whether you are going for a website development or custom CakePHP application development, taking care of the above do’s and don’t’s during the development phase can ensure better development of web applications or websites for higher efficiency.

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