GMI launches total toolbar deskband

Mumbai – January 2008

GMI Launches Total Toolbar Deskband

Total Toolbar, better then ever.

So What’s The Latest Buzz? GMI, always striving to go the extra mile, has launched….. Total Toolbar Deskband

There are no surprises, as usual some extra effort to bring you the DeskBand with Dynamic Skins, Plug-ins, and Customizable SDK.

The specials on the plate this time is the dynamically called Data from XML, Unbelievable Search box features, Multiple search engine options, Easily Drag & Drop Files, Folders and URLs Shortcuts, The very desired Popup Blocker, Third party Plug-in display, the very essential Auto Update/ Upgrade and login, and very prayed for support plug-ins such as YouTube and eBay.

No obviously that’s not all. A little more personal touch to it, You get to have your own logo, after all its all about branding. You also get to opt for the look you desire, yes, a multiple choice of colors and easily downloadable Skin options. Wait, The coolest feature is that you can even have alerts specified for New mail/message, sports score request, stock price etc.

As if this was not enough, the Total Toolbar Deskband also gives you a Variety of GUI Combinations like Text with Icon Menus, Menus and Sub Menus, Search Box with History, Customizable SDK, Layer based Alerts etc ..etc. I could go on…. It’s a must check out to start with all the toolbar experience and flavors in 2009.

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