GMI’s offshore development center

Mumbai – Jan 2008 GMI announced its ODCs as centre of excellence for web 2.0

Going with the market trend, GMI has announced that all the applications developed by it would be rich in web 2.0 platforms. It includes all the following domain areas.

Social Network Development: It’s all about linking today. Blended networking is an approach to social networking that combines both offline elements (face-to-face events) and online elements. Social networking/community website can be valuable to small or big businesses and take apparently simple tools, “for entertaining” and building them, work for company and drive profits. This whole 2.0 thing has been notoriously gaining popularity for the past some time – Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, Business 2.0 and now, Intranet 2.0. We work closely with clients to define their business vision and strategy to plan, implement and support their Web 2.0 initiatives, Web 2.0 technology infrastructure buildup, Web 2.0 software development or any Web 2.0 project deployment. GMI excels in providing Social Network Web Design, Social interrelationship approach services, Social Platform Software Development, Social Application Development, Networking Mobile Application Development, Social Ecommerce Integration, specific community networks and other Social Media related services. Our top priority is to provide high-quality and top-notch social networking software solutions, custom social networking platforms, and Custom Social Software Development worldwide like we have been doing so far.

Online Advertising Platform Development: The success of your Advertising options is proven best when it delivers New Visitors and Potential Clients to your website. GMI has an excellent track record of implementing online affiliate platforms and affiliate management systems and has shown success in the areas of Online Advertising, Online Business Advertising, Internet Advertising, Online Advertising Agency, and Online Internet marketing etc in the past years. GMI’s portfolio encompasses development of online advertiser-publisher networks, adword-adsense portals and comprehensive management systems for pay-per-click advertising activities. E-commerce solutions like B2B, B2C Exchanges are effectively deployed to deliver strategic advantage and robust performance. In addition to developing large-scale P2P advertising platforms, GMI has also been successful in delivering portals capable of publishing SMS, MMS from the web to mobiles, advertising & content distribution networks that incorporate dynamic content like RSS, ATOM feeds and high end streaming media solutions, among others.

Ms System Application Development: GMI has extended its expertise to, C#, VC++, C++ , Visual studio 2008, VS 2005, VS 2003 , Microsoft TFS (Team Foundations Server) and various other related tools providing solutions such as Browser (Internet Explorer and Firefox) Plug-in development, Peer to Peer (P2P) Network Application Development, Chat/IM Software Development, Network Programming TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, SHTTP, SSL, LDAP, Active Directory, MS-Office Plug-in development, ActiveX Controls, Database programming using MS SQL/Oracle, API programming, XSLT/HTML/XHTML Based GUI Development (VC++), AD-Ware programming, Spider/Crawlers development and RSS/ATOM/OPML/…feeds related programming.

Content Distribution: The key to realizing the linking benefit from creating useful, engaging and unique content is to create channels of distribution. So, GMI has implemented varied media solutions like advertising channels, advertising content distribution and affiliate systems that consistently translate into measurable ROI’s to the benefit. GMI can successfully equip your network with videos, banners, multimedia and Flash ads, podcasts etc to augment market reach and product visibility. Gmi has had success with development of content-streaming apps and media solutions across mobiles & handheld devices, content distribution services, multimedia advertising solutions for mobile networks and communities, complex advertising networks, advertiser-publisher hubs and numerous other advertising content distribution solutions.

Wireless Application Development: Unique Consulting Strengths of the wireless domain relies in experience in analyzing wireless voice and data communications — products, applications and technologies, Anticipating changes in the history and dynamics of wireless data and International expertise of the market. GMI has harnessed mobile technologies for diverse platforms like Symbian, Win CE and Palm OS, among others and has made its entry into the wireless sphere with the development of add-on applications for WAP portals. GMI has delivered stand-alone applications for numerous online mobile communities, providing secure and scalable communications platform for mobile applications over Bluetooth, GPRS, WLAN, GSM, 3G, SMS and MMS, full-fledged mobile communities, wireless hubs and mobile-enabled social as well as corporate networks.

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