MS system application

Grey Matter India is an innovative software services provider that believes in offering out-of-the-box solutions for the clients requiring solutions based on Microsoft software technologies. The GMI experts have the best know-how of working with well-known technologies like C++, VC++,, C#, Microsoft TFS, Visual studio 2008, VS 2003 and VS 2005 and hence, can provide the best services MS system application development to satisfy various requirements of our clients.

Following are few offerings by GMI

Browser Plug-in Development ((Internet Explorer and Firefox): You want to customize your browsers and plugins for better and desired performance? Then hire our browser plug-in development services where we can enable desired functionalities to make your browser performing many more things than it is actually capable of doing like viewing special graphic formats or playing multimedia files, adding custom buttons and menus, custom toolbar development, providing quick access to classifieds, news alerts, mails, stock information and weather updates.

Peer to Peer (P2P) Network Application Development: Peer to peer networking is a distributed application architecture where the tasks between the peers are distributed. At GMI, we are experts in peer to peer network application development and can provide reliable services for those looking to manage their systems and network resources efficiently.

Chat/IM Software Development: Chat or instant messenger is a communication tool adopted by corporates these days for interaction between colleagues and with customers. Grey Matter India helps you realize the best benefits of chat/IM software development for corporate needs with its proficient services in the sector. We can easily develop IM applications best suitable to your firm along with optional features that best support your corporation’s needs.

Network Programming TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, SHTTP, SSL, LDAP, active directory: At GMI, we have a team of network programmers who have expertise in working with various internet protocols like TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, SSL, LDAP, SHTTP etc. to meet the needs of faster and efficient networking across enterprises. Our networking programming applications enable users to easily send and receive files and messages over network or IP, implement data transfer applications along with instant messaging over the network.

MS-Office Plug-in development: GMI is an expert in developing MS Office Plugins and offers effective solutions to develop custom plug-ins to best meet the custom needs of the enterprises. We can develop or customize existing toolbars, command bars, menus and sub-menus for MS Office. Our experts have experience in developing toolbars or buttons for Microsoft tools like Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, FrontPage, Access, Visio, Project, MapPoint and Publisher.

We can provide services for following requirements:

  • Office 2007 Ribbon UI tabs customization
  • Quick access toolbar and office menu development
  • Custom task pane development for MS-Office 2007 applications
  • Extending Outlook windows, views and forms with advanced form regions
  • Outlook Bar Modification
  • Event handling for MS Office applications
  • Application level keyboard shortcuts development etc.

ActiveX Controls: One can easily create interactive web pages and email messages with the help of readily available components with ActiveX controls. At GMI, we have expertise to work on ActiveX Data Objects, Microsoft’s universal data access solution and can also provide services for enabling easy access of data in multiple formats like email messages, MS Access and Word documents across multiple platforms. We can provide services for enabling web browsers and mail applications to download and run various programs from Web.

MS-SQL/Oracle Database Programming: Database is an important element for any enterprise application and hence, database programming needs to be dealt with care and special attention. At GMI, we are experts in providing services for data mining, database architecting, data reporting with RSS feeds across various databases.

API Programming (Device/Software): GMI offers efficient API programming services to the corporate clients who demand integration of office productivity with existing applications. It can cater to various device specific or software specific API programming needs of the clients.

XSLT/HTML/XHTML Based GUI Development (VC++): GUI development is the requirement of every business looking for developing handheld device based applications. At GMI, we wisely utilize the XHTML and HTML concepts for prototyping and final implementation of the GUIs for various platforms.

AD-Ware Programming: Looking for ad-ware programming experts to facilitate your online marketing needs? Then GMI is the right choice. The experts at GMI have developed platforms to support advertisers, publishers, affiliates and various business entities for number of media conglomerates. We can develop the pop-up advertisements, redirect them to a desired website or product while the users are surfing the web for the options.

Spider/Crawlers Development: Spiders or crawlers are the entities that can develop a copy of all the visited pages by a user and keep it safe for later processing by the search engines to enable faster searches. At GMI, we can help you develop these for your needs.

RSS/ATOM/OPML/…feeds related programming: RSS programming is crucial and it’s really beneficial to have RSS feeds in modern entertainment type of applications because these can generate more traffic for your applications or websites. At GMI, we have great expertise in developing entertainment and web 2.0 applications.

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