Magento Ecommerce Solutions

Magento is an open-source content management system for e-commerce websites. Magento works on the MySQL database management system & uses the PHP programming language. Its elements depends on the of the Zend Framework & uses the of object-oriented programming model.

Magento’s market share is 30%  & it is soon racing to become the leader in the e-commerce application development & solutions.

Let’s take a look at the some of the Magento Ecommerce Development & Solutions offered to enterprises as below:-


1 – Magento architectural design & application development

We are certified Magento e-commerce development partners & design an array of e-commerce & m-commerce sites for enterprises globally. We understand their tastes & business requirements & offer customized solutions. We integrate themes, extensions & modular structures as per the taste of the consumer & make a truly responsive & dynamic web/mobile structures which thrusts on offering maximum user experience.

2 – Third party Magento integration

There are so many third party applications which submit their applications on Magento’s open source directory & they are majorly in Point of Sales (POS), CRM & ERP & we integrate these complex third party applications with ease & comfort for our clients!

3 – Offshore Magento Project Services

Can anyone hire a Magento developer on a project basis? Yes, its possible! We hire full-time as well as part-time Magento developers as desired by the clients & it helps in bringing in great flexibility & cost-effectiveness to clients, as well as service providers.

4 – SEO Magento Performance Optimization

Performance is the X-factor for Magento’s E-commerce solutions & helps e-commerce & m-commerce sites increase site rankings & generate leads. This is for sure the booster e-commerce application for users & enterprises till date!

5 – Magento – A holistic e-commerce solutions provider

Readymade graphic designs, web designs, themes, layouts, SEO services, promotional tools & integration services make Magento a one-stop-shop e-commerce solutions provider to enterprises which focuses on attracting more visitors & generating sales leads!

6 – What to choose? Magento Go or Magento Enterprise?

We help enterprises choose appropriate Magento products for their businesses as per their suitability, needs & the type of the scheme they fit into. For example, Magento Go is for e-commerce beginners, Magento Community is for growth-oriented businesses & Magento Enterprise for big & heavy companies & large scale sales driven organizations.

You can ask us for advise we will help you with that!

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